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Online Safety

Safe use of ICT and modern technology by children

Please find useful links below outlining how children can use the internet and modern technology more safely. It also offers links to further information for parents.

Sennen Primary School also operates an 'Acceptable use of ICT' policy to ensure safe and appropriate use of Information Technology by all. We also follow best practice in seeking permission from parents for the use of children's images across a range of media.


Gaming is fun but can be all consuming. Why not use the gaming console safety settings to help control age rated games and the amount of time spent online. Pay attention to the PEGI (age) ratings and what they mean.
Common Sense Media:

Social Media

Social media is a great way for your child to communicate and engage with peer groups. Consider privacy settings and sorting friends into "groups" within these sites relevent to their age. Talk to them about what they post and whether it is appropriate, it can affect their future / relationships / self-esteem.
Connect Safely:

 Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a fast, fun way to speak to friends and family. Ensure your child understands that they may be talking to people thay do not know so a converstaion about what is appropriate or not to send is a good idea.
Connect Safely:


Remember, it's not the technology but the behaviour of the bully that is the problem. Would your child turn to you if they needed help? It's always worth talking about bullying issues and making sure that your child is supported. Reporting incidents not only helps your child but others.
Anti Bullying Alliance:
Diana Awards, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme:


Internet Matters:
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