February 2020

1st February 2020
Aire Class - Spring 1
We visited Trevalyla woods again this term and had a lot of fun climbing, running, swinging and exploring. We even got to toast marshmallows on the fire! We have been developing our love of reading by sharing books with our friends and family as well as visiting St Just library to choose some new books for our classroom. We have worked hard on our gross motor development by completing the balancability programme which we loved. We were also lucky enough to have year 5 come and teach us some playground games as part of their PE leaders course. 
Brisons & Longships - Viking topic Spring 1
We've thoroughly enjoyed this half terms topic 'The Vikings' and we enjoyed today's adventure to Sennen beach to sail our fabulous Viking Longships. Another highlight of our topic was our Viking workshop, where we met a real Viking. The children learnt their Viking name, we experimented with runes, discovered ancient artefacts, played Viking games and learnt all about Viking weaponery and tactics. We've written Viking stories, Viking kennings and a newspaper report based on the battle of Lindisfarne.
Cowloe Class - Fairgrounds Topic - Spring 1

Cowloe class have had another fantastic half term with our topic ‘Fairgrounds’ The children have been learning all about Electricity and how to make a working circuit. We have looked at where Electricity comes from and learnt all about the history and discovery of this essential power source we use today. Children had to think scientifically and plan and conduct an investigation. It was great to see their resilience, especially when they had to change their idea. The children have also enjoyed learning about Fairgrounds and participated in an independent learning challenge whereby they had to plan and organise their own research whilst learning the skills of working as part of a team (which can be tricky at times!) The end result was a DT project where the children planned and designed a working fairground attraction which included an electrical circuit. Once again their resilience and teamwork skills were tested as things did not always go to plan! I really enjoyed watching the children develop their problem solving skills and seeing them succeed. Well done Cowloe!