Special Educational Needs

Our core offer to all children is to provide High Quality Inclusive Teaching
  • High expectations for all pupils
  • Environment and resources to promote independent learning
  • Well planned lessons with differentiated learning objectives and success criteria as required
  • Reasonable adjustments and well planned SEND provision in class
  • Range of effective teaching strategies
  • Effective challenge by use of varied pitch and pace
  • Good modelling by adults
  • High level questioning
  • High levels of engagement
  • Opportunity for individual and group discussion
  • Opportunity for pupils to work independently and collaboratively
  • Effective feedback to move pupils on in their learning
  • Encouragement and praise to engage and motivate pupils
  • Self & peer assessment opportunities
  • Well trained additional adults effectively deployed

Our Special Education Needs Coordinator in Rebecca Thomas. 

She is contactable on rthomas@sennen.cornwall.sch.uk
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