Transition dates & info

Dear parents

RE: Transition Dates Sept 2020

We have been carefully considering how we can transition the children into school next term. Whilst we are aware that they have missed lots of opportunities to come in and get to know their environment, we are keen to bring a sense of routine and normality to the class. Our plans for transition are:

Week beginning 7th September

All children are invited to a stay and play session after school in small groups. This will take place in our garden and then we can invite parent and child in one family at a time to look around the classroom, find their lockers and the toilets. We can also answer any questions or concerns that you may have on that day. I will let you know when each child’s stay and play session is in a separate message.

Week beginning 14th September

Transition into school as follows:

Monday 14th 1 – 3.15

Tuesday 15th 1 – 3.15

Wednesday 16th 1 – 3.15

Thursday 17th 11.30 – 3.15 (first experience of lunchtime)

Friday 18th all day with lunch (9.00 – 3.15)

Week beginning 21st September

Full time 9.00 – 3.15

We know that all children are different and that some children will settle more quickly than others. We very much support the ‘Unique Child’ principle of the EYFS and will talk to you individually if we feel your child may benefit from a slightly longer transition. Similarly, if you feel your child is struggling, please come and talk to us and we will help to come up with a plan to extend their transition.

A few other points to note

All you need to get for them at this time is their school uniform, we will provide them with their first book bag, which we will give out on our stay and play sessions.

They will not need a PE kit for the first term at least as all their physical development will take place as part of their regular, daily routine.

They will need a labelled, pre-filled water bottle each day.

Each child will have their own locker space to keep their things in.

They will spend a lot of time outside so a good coat is essential!

They are entitled to a free school dinner each day as part of the Universal Infant Free School Meals programme. For the first term we will be having school packed lunch only (usually a tuna, ham or cheese roll, fruit, biscuit and drink). They will also receive a piece of fruit each day as a snack.