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Welcome to Sennen Primary School
Welcome to the First and Last School in the country. At Sennen School we believe that all children are unique individuals with a right to a safe and happy learning experience. We are driven by our belief that children are most likely to be happy and hence successful if they are given care, support and challenge in equal measure. Our team is united and dedicated in pursuing the best outcomes for all children at Sennen School. By 'best outcomes' we mean children who are positive and enthusiastic and ready for the challenges of life as well as being academically successful.
We aim to provide children with a well-rounded and ambitious curriculum. High academic standards and expectations run alongside creativity, inspiration and imagination. Through the school’s core learning behaviours of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Teamwork; children learn to: challenge themselves; demonstrate excellence; care for themselves and their community and have fun. Our curriculum draws upon the natural and historical resources in our community and the children’s experience to make it relevant and inspiring for them.
Our school calendar can now be found on the Calendar page and have a look at the About the School pages for downloads of handy documents like timetables etc.
If you are a visitor and want to know more, please get in touch using the Contact page or better still make an appointment to meet us in person and have a look around the school.
Nichola Smith - Head teacher

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