Our curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities are physically active for sustained periods of time engage in competitive sports and activities lead healthy, active lives.
Our main curriculum is delivered through the Real PE curriculum. Real PE is a unique, child-centred approach. It transforms how we teach PE to engage and challenge EVERY child in our school.

It focuses on the fundamental movement skills of a child's physical development:

* Agility

* Balance

* Coordination


Real PE develops the whole child, each term there is a multi ability focus:

* Personal

* Social

* Cognitive

* Creative

* Physical

* Health and Fitness

As well as these regular sessions, we have weekly coaching from DT coaching, that teaches children how to play specific sports, and helps us establish teams to be able to compete locally.

At Sennen we also provide a wide range of sporting opportunities for a school as small as ourselves. We work closely with local clubs including: St Just Cricket, Pirates Rugby and Penzance Gymnastics club. After school we have a range of clubs run by teachers and volunteers, which rotate throughout the year to allow everyone to participate. The activities for these have included: football, netball, rounders, cross country, tag rugby and cricket. We have a mini-bus that enables us to attend competitions outside of school and do so on a regular basis. We take part in Bikeability each year to ensure children leave us able to cycle safely on the roads. We swim throughout the year. Each class has a half term or more of lessons on Friday afternoons.
Curriculum documents
How does our PE curriculum support children with SEND?
The Core Real PE curriculum is a fully inclusive programme that focuses on stage not age. Children are encouraged to move through each of the stages at their own pace and secure the skill before moving on. All of the activities have been adapted to suit pupils with both physical needs, through the use of special videos, and pupils with social communication needs, through the use of visuals. These can be found below. Where a pupil may not be working within the national curriculum, teachers can use physical literacy p-scales to assess their children and decide on next steps.