January 2022

1st January 2022
Welcome back message January 2022
Good morning!
We hope you all had a nice Christmas break and we are all looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow.
Key information this week
Wednesday - PE for Brisons, Longships & Cowloe (after school club still to be confirmed) - come to school in school PE kit.
Thursday - PE for Aire - come in wearing PE kit please.
                  - KS2 High five after school club (3.15 - 4.15)
                 - KS1 Multi sports after school club (3.15 - 4.15)
Friday      - Swimming / Forest School Brisons (letter to follow with groupings)
                 - Forest school on site for Aire
                 - Forest school offsite for Cowloe (letter sent this morning)
School meals
I have attached the menu for the term, this week we are on week 1 so will be having a roast on Wednesday!
Remote learning
Keeping the school open is extremely important to us and we are good at being creative with our staffing and cover. We understand that this often means decisions being made at the last minute if staff are unwell, but we will aim to keep you us up to date as possible. If your child is isolating at home and is well enough to learn, we will be using our google classroom pages to provide work. The links will be added to our website so that you can join the classes if needed. We aim to keep disruption to an absolute minimum this term but need to make sure we are prepared!
Wish lists
We are looking for a few things for the school this term, please let us know if you have anything around that you wouldn't mind donating!
  • Indoor plants - these are a fantastic way of improving air quality, as well as being lovely to look at! If you have any that you wouldn't mind donating we would gratefully take them off your hands.
  • Wicker / storage basket - children are really enjoying including soft toys into their creative play at break times. We have a selection that we want to make available daily (on dry days) but need something to put them in. If anyone is having a clear out and has one going spare, please let us know. 
We will see you all bright and early tomorrow morning, fingers crossed for sunshine!